What would you do if you made over $1.2 million dollars a year, ($100,000 a month!)?  Would you buy a big house? Travel the world? Save 90% and retire early?  How about selling your house, giving away your things, and moving into an RV?

The latter is what my guest on today’s show did!  Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents is an extremely successful blogger, making over $100,000 a month, and lives in an RV with her husband and two dogs.

Wait…$100,000 a month? Blogging??  Yep!  Michelle makes the majority of her money by promoting products on her blog.  If someone clicks a link in her post and purchases the product, she gets a commission.  This is a popular way for bloggers to make money online, and it’s more commonly called “affiliate marketing.”

Michelle also offers a course called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, which also accounts for a significant chunk of her income.

If you’re curious to know more about how Michelle makes her income, she publishes an income report at the beginning of each new month.  Check out her November report here.

In today’s show, hear from Michelle on what got her into blogging, and her inspiration to live in an RV despite making a comfy income!