I’m always amazed when I hear stories about people who find unique ways to travel cheaply, or even free!  I set out to understand more about “travel hacking” with traveler and blogger, Ruby Escalona.

Ruby, and her husband Peter, write a blog on their travels called A Journey We Love.  I had the opportunity to ask Ruby how she is able to work full-time, travel the world every year, AND save for an early retirement.  She explains how she uses credit card points to cash in on free flights and hotel stays to make her trips as inexpensive as possible.

We also discussed her plans to reach financial independence at age 45…quite the goal! Ruby and Peter make sure to balance both travel and savings so they don’t get burnt out on either one.  Living a balanced life like this is something we can all learn from!

Ruby mentions a few of her favorite resources she uses to find credit card deals:

If you want to read more from Ruby, she also provided some of her blog articles as resources: