The Money Smart Nomad Podcast

A personal finance and travel podcast combined! Hear all about being financially prepared for a full-time travel lifestyle.

Would You Live in an RV if You Made $100K a MONTH?

Hear from successful blogger Michelle Schroeder-Gardner who founded Making Sense of Cents, and now brings in over $100,000 a MONTH in revenue. She explains how she got into blogging, and why she chooses to live in an RV, full-time.

Escape Corporate America with Janet Tyler Johnson, CFP

Janet Tyler Johnson, a Certified Financial Planner professional, coach, and mentor joins us on the podcast to discuss how we can find freedom and purpose in our lives, which may include ditching Corporate America!

Interview with Web Strategist Jonathan Josephs

Jonathan Josephs has been my go-to “website guy” for the past year. He successfully launched his own virtual web design business called Silly Grasshopper Media, and now has plans to travel the country with his wife and daughter.

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Welcome to the Podcast!

As a digital nomad and a financial planner, I look forward to bringing you tips and inspiration on making a location-independent lifestyle work for YOU!

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